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​CCC Retirement Board: DOLLAR POWER
All Members Hired Prior to 1965
Vets - The Money is Yours for the Taking
Public Employee Retirement Pension Litigation
Other Retiree Legal and
Financial Concerns
Retiree Compensation Information

Death Benefit

The Contra Costa County Employees Retirement Association provides a death benefit of $5,000 for those who were County employees who were Tier 1, Tier III or were Safety employees.  The death benefit for those who were Tier II is $7,000.   The surviving relative should contact their office at (925) 521-3960 for further informaton.

In the event of a death or an address change notify:  First contact the Contra Costa County Employees Retirement Association. Their phone number is (925) 521-3960.  Click here for a link to the CCCERA web site. Their mailing address is 1355 Willow Way, Suite 221, Concord, CA 94520.

If you have received a letter from Kaiser Permanente telling you that your coverage has lapsed, call County Benefits at (925) 335-1742 or 335-1705 or 335-1746.  Their Fax number is (925) 521-3969.

Contact the Retiree Support Group at: P.O. Box 3165, Martinez, CA 94553

CCC Retirement Board: DOLLAR POWER​​

Dollar Power is available to Tier 1 and Safety retirees (and those receiving a survivor continuance) who retired prior to April 1, 1982. 

FYI:  80% of the Funds held by the CCC Employees Retirement Association is from Investment Interest created over many years.

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All Members Hired Prior to 1965

This may affect you if you were eligible to retire prior to 1985 and are eligible to receive Social Security benefits.   The Government Pension Offset which reduces Social Security benefits by 50% does not apply to those where eligible to retire prior to 1985.  

If you were eligible to retire prior to 1985 and your Social Security benefit was reduced, you are eligible for retroactive benefits.  You need a Letter of Eligibility from the Contra Costa County Retirement Association.  Contact Yolanda at (925) 521-3960, if you think you are eligible and ask her to send you a Letter of Eligibility.  The letter can be presented to the Social Security Administration.  Good Luck!

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Vets - The Money is Yours for the Taking

Those vets who have suffered a hearing loss of as little as 10% can get tax free payments from the Government.  One person who worked as an artilleryman and had a 10% hearing loss is now getting payments of $106 per month.  If your hearing loss is greater than 10% then your payments should be greater.

Here is how it works: call a VA facility and schedule a hearing test; tell them you can take a cancellation so you can get in ASAP.  If the test shows a loss of hearing go to your VA Veterans Services Branch; there is one at 10 Douglas Dr., Suite 100 in Martinez.  Their phone number is: (925) 313-1481; another is located in Richmond at 3220 Blume Dr., Suite 282, Richmond, CA 94806; their phone number is: (510) 374-3241.  

You will need to provide certain documentation to show that your occupation in the military could have caused the hearing loss.  Make sure you take all the required documentation with you.  Payments will be retroactive from your application date.  

For more information contact retiree Contra Costa Veteran Services Office HERE.

Veterans' Help-Line Advice -  According to a January 1, 2006 article in the Contra Costa Times the Veterans' help-line gives incorrect advice much of the time;  22% of the time Completely incorrect;  23% Minimally correct.  20% Partly correct; 16% Mostly correct; 19% Correct according to a 2004 survey.

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Public Employee Retirement Pension Litigation

Even as RSG was concluding its long litigation with Contra Costa County over retiree health insurance benefits, another legal war has been brewing. This battle is between active employees and their public employers and retirement systems over changes made to public employee pensions by the Public Employees Pension Reform Act of 2012 (commonly called PEPRA).

The initial litigation over PEPRA has been confined to three cases in which public employers and retirement systems have applied PEPRA to active employees who had not retired prior to January 1, 2013. These cases do not directly and explicitly apply to persons who retired prior to January 1, 2013. However, the outcome of this litigation could potentially be used by anti-public pension advocates against former public employees who had already retired prior to January 1, 2013. For that reason we will closely monitor the litigation and keep you informed about its progress.

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2018 COLA:

The Consumer Price Index for the San Francisco Bay Area increased by 2.9% in 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) announced this morning (1/12/18) at 5:30 a.m. PST.

Because changes in the CPI are rounded off to the nearest one-half percent, this means that effective April 1, 2018, most retirees will receive a 3% increase in our monthly pension allowances.   We will first see this increase in our May 1, 2018, pension checks.

On January 24th the CCC Retirement Board approved the 2018 COLA.

CLICK HERE  to access information about the Contra Costa County Employees Retirement Association.   

Their telephone number is (925) 521-3960.

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Other Retiree Legal and Financial Concerns


MassMutual Contact Information


Seniors can defer paying their Contra Costa County Property Taxes


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Aging and Adult Services Inside Contra Costa County (800) 510-2020.  Outside Contra Costa County or from a cell phone call (925) 229-8434.  This is a Contra Costa County agency. CLICK HERE FOR THEIR WEB SITE.

Adult Day Care Centers - often for Alzheimer's patients.  The Network can be reached at (925) 682-1000

Bereaved Parents - See Grief Support Group Below

Books For The Homebound - CCC Library will deliver them to your door.  Call Ronda Arends at (925) 927-3211 or email her at:

"CASA"  Court Appointed Special Advocates For Children.  Change the life of a child, be a volunteer. Their goal is to prevent abused and neglected children from becoming lost in the Juvenile Dependency system. (925) 256-7284.

Community Care Facilities---Resident Advocacy, Complaint Investigation, Abuse Investigation and Witnessing of Advance Health Care Directives. Contact Ombudsman Services of Contra Costa, 925-685-2070, FAX 925-685-2049.  For a List of Patients rights in a Community Care Facility Click Here.

Contra Costa County Adult Protective Services - (925) 646-2854.

Contra Costa County *Find Services  *Gain Knowledge  *Remain Independent  *Be Heard
Extensive directory:

Contra Costa County Online Resource Database

Contra Costa Crisis Center - For Crisis/Suicide hotline (800) 833-2900.  Grief counseling (800) 837-1818, Homeless problems (800) 808-6444

Contra Costa Senior Legal Services - (510) 374-3712, (925) 706-4852.  This organization is a non-profit.  CLICK HERE FOR THEIR WEB SITE.

Contra Costa Senior Peer Counseling.  Talk to a Counselor or Become a Counselor call (925) 521-5640 or (800) 833-2900.

County Veterans Service Office - Offers Comprehensive Benefit Counseling, Claim Development, Preparation & Submission, Case Management, Initiates appeals when appropriate.  10 Douglas Drive, Suite 100, Martinez, CA 94553 (925) 313-1481 or 100-37th St. Rm# 1033, Richmond, CA  94805 (510) 374-3241.

Delta Community Services, Inc.  (925) 634-8275.  This is a non-profit referral agency.

Diabetes Resources: Click on the light blue link.
American Diabetes Association - (800) 342-2383
American Heart Association - (800) 242-8721
American Dietetic Association - (800) 366-1655
National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse - (800) 860-8747

Dial-A-Ride  (925) 754-3060.  This is a private organization.

Elder Abuse Prevention - Wide range of services that may be needed by an older adult.  West County call (510) 233-3427, Central and East County (925) 692-5880 and Alameda County (510) 834-4401

Funeral Consumers Alliance (FCA)   To fila a complaint with the State:

Grief Support Group - Contra Costa County Crisis Center (800) 837-1818, 24 hours

HICAP - Free help with Medicare Benefits, Medicare Supplements, HMOs and Nursing Home Insurance.  Call (925) 229-8434 or (800) 510-2020, TDD (925) 335-8730 for the hearing impaired.   The local office is located at 2530 Arnold Drive, 3rd floor, Martinez, CA.  Click on the following to go to their web site:  HTTP://WWW.CAHEALTHADVOCATES.ORG/

Meals on Wheels - Volunteer or receive their services.  In Central County call (925) 937-8311 and in East County call (925) 439-1202 or 1-866-669-6697.  Online go to:  HTTP://WWW.MEALSONWHEELSOFCONTRACOSTA.ORG

"Your Medicare Rights and Protections" booklet U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services 7500 Security Blvd., Baltimore, MD  21244-1850

Napa & Solano County Narcotics Anonymous 1-855-667-2262.   HTTP://WWW/NAPASOLANONA.ORG

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition  1-888-OVARIAN,  WWW.OVARIAN.ORG


Ombudsman Services of Contra Costa, 925-685-2070, FAX 925-685-2049.  1601 Sutter St., Suite A, Concord, CA 94520
See Community Care Facilities above.

Senior Helpline Services - Phone calls daily or weekly or rides for medical/dental care, groceries or other basic necessities provided to seniors. Services are free.  Volunteers are also needed.  (925) 284-2207, WWW.SENIORHELPLINE.NET

Senior Information Newsletter - Call for Information & Assistance at (800) 510-2020

Senior Outreach Services - Affordable services - Domestic Services, Meal Preparation, Laundry, Food Shopping, Toileting, Dressing, Bed Bath/Bath, Respite, Escort to Medical Appointments, etc. (925) 937-8311

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Volunteer Opportunites

​"CASA" Court Appointed Special Advocates For Children.  This group needs Volunteers.  This worthwhile program can change the lives of children.  Their goal is to prevent abused and neglected children from becoming lost in the Juvenile Dependency system.    CLICK HERE.

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